Friday, January 19, 2007

He is Innocent

The Dr. Mohammed al-Roken Case

I just read this from the IHT. It's depressing. To be honest, I believe there is a vendetta going behind the scenes against Dr. Mohammed al-Roken. I don't think this has anything to do with "sex out of wedlock," I do not think and will not believe that he has committed any such act at all.

I stand by Mohammed al-Roken, the lawyer whom I greatly respect. I really do hope his appeal goes well and is acquitted of the charges. I believe he is innocent.

La Afero Dr-o Mohammed al-ROKEN

Mi ĵus legis
tiun ĉi el la IHT. Estas ĉagrenanta. Laŭ mi, mi kredas ke ekzistas vendeto malantaŭe la sceno kontraŭ Dr-on Mohammed al-ROKEN. Mi ne pensas ke tiu ĉi estas pri "sekso eksteredzeca," mi ne pensas kaj ne kredos ke li faras tiun.

Mi staras kun Mohammed al-ROKEN, la advokaton mi ege respektas. Mi vere esperas ke lian apelon aŭdos kaj li iĝos senkulpa. Mi kredas ke li estas senkulpa.

قضية الدكتور محمد الركن

توني قرأت هذا في جريدة الهرلد تريبيون الدولية. هذا كأيب. بكل صراحة، أنا أظن أن هناك ثأر وراء الكواليس ضد دكتور محمد الركن. لا أظن أن هذا له أي علاقة بـ"الزنا،" لا أعتقد ولن أصدق أنه فعل شيء كذلك.

أقف مع محمد الركن، المحامي الذي أحترمه كثيراً. وآمل أن إستأناف الحكم يسمع ويطاح عنه كل التهم. أنا أعتبره بريء.


BuJ said...

-unrelated comment-
interesting that the same post is the longest in english, then esperanto then arabic being the shortest...

at least true for your last couple of posts.

i noticed arabic is quite a concise language back in the days of AIPS at school when we used to be so bored and i ended up translating my arabic poetry into english and playing hangman.. as well as xo with my mates.

Samawel said...

You're right. I don't know if it's more concise, but it most definitely needs much less to write the same thing in Arabic than it does in English.

I'm still having trouble with the trilingual format of my blog! I realize well that the internet isn't too friendly with multilingual users, haha... Not only that, but IE doesn't seem to be doing a good job at rendering my blog properly. Any suggestions?

BuJ said...

i'm no guru.. plus i've been computerless (at home) for a month almost.. so ahem ahem..

but i see ur posts as very well presented in terms of layout.. and definitely in terms of content.

keep up the good work

Samawel said...

oh, really?! that's a fine complement... Thank You!

A Yahya said...

Why not just post in Arabic and English, so you can have time to write longer posts?

Its like I woke up one morning and everyone was speaking Esperanto even though i'd never heared of this language before. Two of my friends can speak of them even speaks it better than his spoken english. Weird.

Even going further off topic is the fact that whenever a character speaks Klingon on Star Trek, I can actually get an Arabic translation for what they are saying. Now that is weird.

John said...

Certainly you have good reasons to respect and admire Dr. Al Roken, since he is an outstanding scholar and represents the type of intellectual that not only the UAE, but the entire Arab World should be proud of. However please stop being so naïve and realize that he also is a human being, entitled to love and does have a German girlfriend. (and she is not the first foreign woman that he had a relationship with, if I remember correctly)

However the entire case can certainly be considered an international embarrassment for the Emirates: It systematically shows how the UAE fail to uphold its international legal obligations to ensure the fundamental human rights (for your information: what two consenting adults do in their privacy is absolutely nobodies concern – no legal system has the right to interfere)

The procedure of the authorities was more than ambiguous – no search warrant, torture (they tortured his girlfriend as well), and so on …

And finally an obvious sign of racism: So thousands of Germans can live together as unmarried couples, while thousands of Emiratis use the services of those "working ladies" (open and obvious for everyone to see), but as soon as an Emirati male has steady love relationship with a foreigner it becomes illegal? Wow …. now that is exactly what we need in a world full of hatred.

Let us all hope that it was just a personal vendetta, as you suggested!

Please remember that all those foreign experts would not come and work in Dubai, if such laws would be enforced, tourism would be out of the question and well all the real estate can only be sold to Saudis (that I assume according to you, would never ever engage in such dreadful acts, or ….)

Now where exactly would this scenario put you? Now would these evil temptations be gone "back in the desert" or are they maybe just a normal characteristic of "human nature", which have been evident in each and every society? (past and present)


Anonymous said...

Be careful what you say. There are plenty of dark disused wells in the UAE for you troublemakers like Mr Al Roken to 'disappear'in...